Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy or to Eat

There are two main pillars of good prenatal education: communication with the baby inside the womb, and the second, providing a safe environment for the growing baby.

A safe environment depends on three factors: Number one your diet, Number 2 exercise, and Number 3 your relaxation during pregnancy.

Come and tell you foods to avoid during pregnancy, what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy.

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy or to Eat

There are two main pillars of good prenatal education: communication with the baby inside the womb, and the second, providing a safe environment for the growing baby.

A safe environment depends on three factors: Number one your diet, Number 2 exercise, and Number 3 your relaxation during pregnancy.

Come and tell you foods to avoid during pregnancy, what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy.

Foods good to eat during pregnancy

If we ask what to eat while pregnant, pregnant women need to eat more folic acid, magnesium and zinc.

Folic Acid

Make sure you have an adequate reserve of folic acid before you get pregnant because folic acid is a very essential vitamin that helps close the baby’s neural tube.

which eventually forms the brain in the spinal cord and neural tube closure occurs early. Six weeks after giving birth, pregnancy may occur, which is the time when most of you don't know you are pregnant.

  • so make sure you take folic acid before your second pregnancy.
  • and eat enough omega-3 and omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA which are very essential and very good for a baby's brain development.

Effects of magnesium and zinc on pregnant women

Foods to eat while pregnant should include enough calcium because calcium is important for the bones of the developing baby.

Make sure you get enough magnesium now, magnesium is important on two fronts

  1. In the intrauterine development of the foetus.
  2. It also prevents high blood pressure or high blood pressure during pregnancy.

And we all know that if someone develops high blood pressure during pregnancy, they can develop what we call preeclampsia, and preeclampsia can be harmful to the mother.

Make sure to take zinc during pregnancy because zinc helps in making the immune system of the baby growing inside the womb strong so that is an important point of nutrition and supplementation to keep in mind when you are pregnant.

" We just saw what foods to eat while pregnant now "

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy Do You Really Need it

Let's take a look at what foods to avoid during pregnancy because we know that the origin of adult disease is the diseases that we suffer from when we are young such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Most of the other diseases have their roots in the life of a foetus, and one of the things to mention is that when the foetus enters the womb, the organs go through certain stages of development called critical periods for organ development.

Those are the periods when the organ grows at a certain rate in a certain way and develops.

The nutrition at the time of this particular organ is very important because for one reason or another if the nutrition of the mother is not suitable.

This will lead to some kind of problem with the development of the particular organ and later in the person’s life, diseases related to these systems will appear.

Avoid canned foods

The rule of thumb is to always avoid when pregnancy all packaged canned processed foods and passports because all these foods are not healthy recipes they are loaded with added colouring and preservatives

all kinds of chemicals are not good for health, now for a long time, we've been completely misled by the food industry into thinking that what we eat from these cans and these packages is good quality food.

It is something that does not exist, certain chemicals that really need to be monitored contain BHA and BHT which are very dangerous to health.

So if you hand over a food label that says BHA BHT to avoid, it's a preservative linked to cancer-related MSG.

Artificial Sweeteners Side Effects

A flavouring agent commonly found in soups, canned foods, sweets, cookies and desserts, it is associated with sudden cardiac death. It is not allowed to be eaten, like the trendy artificial sweetener ASPARTAME you know when you go to the coffee shop.

You will see people pull it out of their pockets and put the tablets in their coffee or tea and drink it very poorly.

Because it's linked to a brain tumour linked to leaving Qingyuan stuck in lymphoma.

Saccharin is another artificial sweetener that's linked to cancer, so all of these sweeteners are bad because they're linked to some kind of disease or another synthetic cancer compound that can cause thyroid disorders.

why is sodium nitrate bad for pregnancy?

  • Sodium nitrate is a preservative again linked to cancer.
  • High fructose corn syrup is a real preservative that causes a significant increase in the body.
  • The high percentage of fat in the system leads to an increase in the strong colour of obesity, which leads to diabetes.
So you need to be careful for what not to eat during pregnancy, you have to pay attention to the food label so that these food manufacturers do not mislead you.

Finally, be careful about your sodium intake because in pregnancy all young girls suffer from morning sickness.

And you need to eat something salty so that you know eating crackers or nuts etc. not to mention a little bit of salt.

  1. salt as we know leads to high blood pressure during pregnancy.
  2. It can lead to high blood pressure during pregnancy and preeclampsia.

This preeclampsia can be dangerous for the mother and the baby. And it goes into the developing game system.

So it can get hurt from top to bottom right from the brain to the heart to all the other organs in your baby so watch out for all this dangerous stuff.

Important Nutritional Advice For Pregnant Women

As for the foods to eat during pregnancy, our best advice is to eat fresh, high-quality, and healthy cooking that is good for you and your baby.

Things to avoid

Completely avoid raw and undercooked meat, because raw meat can lead to salmonella infection.
It can lead to colon infection, and it can also lead to toxoplasmosis which can actually be transmitted and cause calcium.

And it can be dangerous for the baby, so avoid raw and undercooked meat in seafood fish, also avoid sushi and look for fish diwan.

Let me tell you that slicing raw eggs can cause salmonella, so completely avoid raw eggs, soft cheese, and unpasteurized milk that contains bacteria called listeria and studio can cause miscarriages.

Forbidden Things In Pregnancy

Just be careful about what you eat, just try and avoid what I just told you.

You should avoid smoking during pregnancy because smoking can give rise to miscarriage, and it will also give rise to a small preterm baby. So please if you are a smoker quit smoking long before pregnancy.

Alcohol is not allowed during pregnancy, tell me you only have a glass of wine with your dinner and that's okay, no amount of alcohol is allowed, alcohol can lead to something called fetal alcohol syndrome, in which you get mental retardation and brain damage, in babies Premature infants, facial defects, heart defects and miscarriage.

Lots of narcotic drugs Any type of marijuana, or cocaine is strictly prohibited because it can cause miscarriage, it can cause brain damage, it can cause preterm births and it can cause fetal death in the womb so please avoid all these dangerous drugs.

We have said this now about women, but men also please listen to this carefully. Smoking and drinking can lead to fertility problems, so if you are having problems conceiving given the fact that you know you don't smoke and don't smoke too much. Because if you do, you know that it responds to the quality of these palms that you produce and interferes with the fertility process.

Chemicals to Avoid During Pregnancy

Lastly, one substance that is causing a lot of problems in our lives and has really penetrated our society is plastic.

  • This is a byproduct of petroleum, it is a chemical
  • our food cans are shrunk wrappers
  • our drinking cups, also our drinking bottles.

Our feeding bottles are made of plastic, and now contain a substance called bisphenol A BPA which has been linked to genital abnormalities as a child grows, and has been linked to Down syndrome.

It is linked to mental retardation as well as to cancer, so from a health point of view, you should always avoid using any kind of plastic container even if you are not pregnant daily.

Remember that you know in this world today that it is alarming the amount of cancer that has occurred in this, it is foreshadowing the number of other diseases that have just appeared.

Even though we think we are eating healthily. We do not make sure that you are drinking from a glass bottle that you know, so please protect your bottle and most importantly protect the baby.

Really it is your total responsibility, I mean I know you don't have control over the outside world, you don't control the plastic factory. Your child is inside so please take care of all these things.

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