Do Vegetarians Eat Egg | Eggs Vegetarian Fact Or Fiction?

Do Vegetarians Eat Egg | Eggs Vegetarian Fact Or Fiction?

Many people assume that vegetarians do not eat eggs, The question remains to include eggs in Raw Vegan Diet? The answer is that it depends on the individual's beliefs and preferences. If you want more details, continue reading this article.

Do Vegetarians Eat Egg | Eggs Vegetarian Fact Or Fiction

What exactly is a vegetarian diet?

What is a vegetarian or plant-based diet? It's not just a diet, a vegan diet is a diet that is still very new and still unfamiliar to the public.

Being vegetarian does not mean that eating is just green, yes the word Vegetarian is not adopted from the English language which means vegetables or vegetables. The word vegetarian is adopted from the Latin word vagus, which means fresh life.

  • So the true meaning of vegetarianism is not just a plant-based diet, as far as we know.
  • But it is an ideology to invite everyone to live with enthusiasm, clean, and naturally.

Meat and other animal products are not permitted in a vegan diet. This includes items like eggs, dairy, and poultry. Vegans are also vegetarians, But they exclude any kind of products derived from animals.

What types of vegetarians eat eggs?

What you often know is veganism in general, but vegetarians are divided into "Ovo Vegetarian" or "Lacto Ovo Vegetarian"

Who Are Ovo Vegetarians?

Ovo Vegetarians are those who don't include meat in their diet. Along with this, they also do not eat dairy products, But they consume eggs, Whether chicken eggs or duck eggs, poultry eggs, and others. as part of their diet. And those who still avoid milk and dairy foods in their plant-based foods.

Lacto Ovo Vegetarians

Lacto Ovo Vegetarians are those vegetarians who, Don't consume meat, But include eggs and include dairy in their diet, as part of their vegetarian diet

So sometimes there are only Lacto vegetarians or just vegetarian Ovo, both of which are called Lacto-Ovo vegetarians well this diet is called simply vegetarian

Are Eggs Vegan?

Now we will understand, whether consuming eggs includes Animal killing or not?
First, you should consider two types: First Fertilised eggs, and second Unfertilized eggs.

What is a Fertilised Egg?

Inseminate eggs are produced when the hen is mated with a chicken In those eggs, there is a possibility of giving birth to a chick, That is why some vegetarians who are in complete opposition To animal killing, avoid this type of white.

Unfertilized Eggs

Yes, Hens can produce eggs without mating with chickens. They can produce the same amount of eggs As when they produce after being mated with chicken.

  1. These types of eggs are Unfertilized eggs.
  2. You can put a hen on them for the incubation process for years.
  3. Then those eggs can't produce a baby.

Because there is zero possibility in an unfertilized egg Of developing a baby chick. All vegetarians who are against animal killing can consume unfertilized eggs.

One more thing, If you are consuming eggs, There are chances you have not consumed any eggs in your lifetime.

Because all commercial eggs that are available in grocery stores, and marts Nearly all those eggs are unfertilized, Because hens produce all those eggs without mating, That is chickens are not involved in producing those eggs.

Can Vegetarians Eat Eggs?

There can be some confusion about whether vegetarians can eat eggs. The answer is yes, though there are a few things to remember.


Eggs are high in protein sources and as such are beneficial for vegetarians. Some say that eggs are a high vegan protein and that vegetarians cannot rely on plant-based proteins to meet their nutritional needs. Others argue that eggs are not 100% plant-based and that they have small traces of animal products.


Eggs can be cooked in a variety of ways so that they are suitable for various vegetarian diets. Finally, it is important to note that not all eggs are created equal – some may have more cholesterol than others.

It is also possible for vegetarians to eat eggs if they are boiled or fried without breaking them. Also, some vegetarians eat egg whites without the yolk, which is another way to avoid consuming meat products.

Nutritional Values Of Eggs

Whether there is a difference in the nutritional value of Fertilised & unfertilized eggs, there is no difference b/w the nutritional value of both eggs, They are almost similar.

  • One more thing, Many people believe that, If there is a blood stop in an egg, That means, the chick birth process is started in the egg.
  • It is not like this. The blood spot doesn't tell us whether the egg is fertilized or unfertilized.

One more thing, Hens produce white eggs, brown eggs, & also blue-green eggs, The colour of the egg depends on the breed of the hen, the colour of the egg doesn't tell us, whether the baby will be born or not, Or whether the egg is fertilized or not.

One more interesting thing is, Many people spend more money on brown eggs. They think that brown eggs are nutritionally superior.

Compared to white eggs, If you are spending money on brown eggs because of this, Then Please Stop. Nutritional value-wise, both white & brown eggs are similar.

Final Taught

The main difference between vegetarians and vegans is that vegetarians are still tolerant of eggs and milk consumption, of course, intended to make it easier for us to transition into a vegetarian or vegan diet as milk and egg products are very prevalent.

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