Top 5 Healthy Chinese Food Choices Of Steamed Broccoli

Top 5 Healthy Chinese Food Choices Of Steamed Broccoli

While we may not completely give up eating out, we can all agree to make certain sacrifices in the service of our health.

So when we spoke with nutritionist Katie Boyd about nutritious healthy Chinese food that isn't just about broccoli and steamed peas, you might be surprised, if not thrilled, to discover that your alternatives for healthy Chinese dishes aren't as limited as you thought.

Top 5 Healthy Chinese Food Choices Of Steamed Broccoli
 Healthy Chinese Food

Boyd continues, "For Americans, there is a significant contrast between what they think of as authentic Chinese food and what they think of as healthy Chinese food". year during holiday celebrations as well as a Chinese new year dinner.

On the other hand, Chinese food can be rich in protein to build muscle." Vegetables are good for the liver and rich in fibre if prepared properly".
Furthermore, Chinese eating can be a healthy alternative to a variety of low-fat Chinese takeaway and other fast foods (such as burgers and fries), according to Boyd. If so, 

Here are the: top 5 healthy Chinese food options:


Moo goo gai pan is an American version of the traditional Cantonese dish that contains button mushrooms (moo goo), fried chicken strips (gai pan) and other vegetables such as bok choy, peas, water chestnuts, and bamboo shoots cooked in a light sauce prepared with soy sauce.

Sesame oil and chicken broth Boyd claim that "many healthy Chinese dishes, notably American Chinese food, are laden with sugary sauces that may raise blood sugar levels."
"If you choose this healthy alternative, you'll get protein and high-fibre vegetables without the unpleasant insulin rush."

Moo Goo Gai Pan


With these high-protein fast foods, shrimp is a wonderful place to start because it has a really low-calorie count. A relatively lean meat cut called sirloin is frequently used in the beef version.

Boyd notes that garlic sauce, which is typically served with these nutritious Chinese dishes, is better than sweet and sour, sesame, or other types of sweets.

Beef And Broccoli

If you're not watching carbs, serve them with steamed brown rice for a healthy supper. If you like "General Tao " this will nearly completely satisfy your demands.


The Pleasure of Buddha (Luhan Chai) is the real deal in terms of authenticity. It was initially consumed by vegetarian Buddhist monks, but it has now achieved worldwide fame.

It's also a meat-free and still light and healthy option for vegetarians who may feel confined to the menu at Asian American Cuisine.

This meal is usually cooked with vegetables, tofu, and a light sauce, to make it lower in calories than a traditional Chinese takeaway, Boyd explains. "Everything is steamed," says the chef.

No eggs and dairy are allowed in traditional recipes, so find a famous Chinese restaurant that serves this delicious dish first.

delight of Buddha
Delight Of Buddha


Cooked in traditional Chinese cuisine in northern China, this dish was originally made with pork, although it can also be made with chicken, vegetables, beef, shrimp, or tofu.
Scallions, mushrooms, scrambled eggs seasoned with ginger and garlic, and rice wine (served wrapped in fluffy healthy dumplings) are the main traditional Chinese ingredients, although Western varieties may include cabbage, water chestnuts, and other vegetables.
And to cut back on some extra carbs, Boyd recommends avoiding the accompanying pancakes and hoisin sauce and enjoying it as is, "a really healthy supper, low-carb, low-fat dinner on its own. Don't rush, order the light sauce, but no layers, that's all you have to do."

  5. Anything on the stick

Boyd suggests using grilled meats such as beef or chicken in the pupu dish if you want a healthy eating nutritious rich in protein.
While some restaurants season chicken, pig, and beef with a sweet marinade, teriyaki skewers have significantly more protein than other selections.
If you really want to wow your friends, provide a side of stir-fried mixed veggies, which are high in fibre and nutritional carbohydrates and are a healthy starch food.

So don't skip the low-calorie fried foods like egg rolls and fried pork pies that come with bobo. But what other ideas does Boyd have about healthy Chinese eating?

Egg soup, soy chunks (usually a mixture of vegetables and protein), dipped in chicken or shrimp, lettuce, and Peking duck with vegetables (but omit soy sauce to reduce salt).
The usual general rule is that you should be in a net state if you choose vegetables over rice and sides that are rich in carbohydrates.

Stay away from this Chinese eating:

We reserve some popular Chinese fast food, for Chinese New Year Dinners and special occasions and this includes the following:

  1. Egg Roll: Fried egg roll wrapped in dough, served with sweet sauce. Instead, use healthy, vegan steamed dumplings.
  2. Chicken General Tso: Unfortunately, one of our favourites is fried bread covered in a sweet sauce, and it contains far more salt than you should eat in a day. Kung Pao chicken is a lighter, spicy, and delicious option with vegetables.
  3. Pork in Sweet Sour Sauce: As the name suggests, this meal is syrupy and oily. On the other hand, Mapo Tofu is more realistic
  4. Lo Mein: Because it's basically pasta, this popular meal is rich in carbohydrates. Replace it with something tasty but lower-calorie Chinese takeaway, such as Sichuan-style green beans. (Or, if needed, order it with vegetables.)
  5. Crab Rangoon: A classic American fast-food rich in protein, this is a nighttime snack with fried cream cheese pieces. If steamed spring rolls are on the menu, replace them.

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